Two brothers, Giulio and Fiorenzo Fratini, decided to embark on a new and innovative entrepreneurial path and to manufacture jeans in Italy.


At the start the company produced denim with several brands of the times as Rocky, Winchester, Giant, Colt and others, until RIFLE was created in 1958. That was the beginning of a success story that continues through our day. The name RIFLE was suggested by the stencils on wooden crates carried by ships on which the two founders usually travelled between Italy and U.S.A.

early '80s

The design of the logo perpetuates this memory. The logo defined by the wood log, as we still know it today was encoded in the early ‘80s. During the course of time, the manufactory of internationally known brands had been, in full or in part, handled by RIFLE’s production team, an example of avant-garde and quality.


The Company, with the advent of the new Swiss shareholder “Kora Investments” has celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018, having introduced a new management headed by CEO Franco Marianelli.

With the brand new vision the Company will redefine the denim for the 21st century, reinforcing its positioning like a desirable lifestyle and fashion house.