Definition of “cookie” and similar technology

Cookies are small text files that visited sites send to a device (pc, smartphone, tablet, console, etc.) that allow on-site operations and the collection of information regarding the on-line activity of a user. During the navigation of a site, the user can receive cookies on their terminal, that are sent by sites, web services and different browses (a.k.a. “third parties”), on which some elements , (such as, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) can be found and are present on the site that is being visited. There are different types of cookies, however the main reason that this type of technology is used, is to make the site more efficient, activate specific functions and make the navigation of the site easier for the user. Rifle & Co. S.r.l., who is the controller of personal data processing, with respect to the current rules on the subject of protecting personal data and, in particular, the Provision of the Guarantor “Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies” released on the 8 May 2014 (published in G.U. n. 126 on 3 June 2014), gives information about the use of cookies on this internet Site.

Processing Objectives and reasons behind technical session cookies.

These types of cookies are necessary for some areas of the site to function correctly and include both persistent and session cookies. Without these cookies, the site, or portions of the site might not operate correctly. Therefore, they are always utilised, whether the user wants them to be or not, in order to carry out authentication, session monitoring or the memorisation of technical information that specifically relates to the users who access this Site. It is not necessary to have the prior consent of the user to install these cookies, however, there is still an obligation for the Controller to supply a circular according to art.13 of the Privacy Code, on the grounds that these cookies are  strictly necessary to supply the service.  

The Purpose behind Data Processing and reasons for using cookies for marketing analysis.

Apart from persistent and session cookies, there are also “profiling” cookies in use on this site. These are tuned to create profiles regarding tastes, choices and inclinations that the user has shown during their navigation of the site which are then used to send online advertisements with their preferences. Because these devices are particularly invasive to the user’s privacy, it is necessary that they should be adequately informed and express their valid consent (art. 122, comma 1 of the Privacy Code: “The storage of information on a computer terminal of a contracting party or of a user or the access to information that has already been stored is only permitted on condition that the contracting party or the user has expressed their consent after being informed in a simple way according to art. 13, comma 3”). With respect to this, the data processing highlights that it is possible to modify, in any moment, the installation preferences single cookies, as well as disable the use on the browser, even if this could prevent the User from accessing some parts of the Site. Every browser has specific cookie management modes. At the following links it is possible to get useful information for the most common browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Therefore, whilst the User’s freedom of choice is recognised and understood, with regards to the data managed through the cookies, it must be remembered that with regards to what is stated in art. 122, comma 2 of the Privacy code, the consent to the use of these cookies is expressed by the person concerned even by means of the individual settings of the browser used for the navigation on the Site.

Third Party Web Sites

When navigating on the site, the User could receive cookies from other sites, web browsers or providers on their terminal (a.k.a. third party cookies): This happens because on the site there can be elements , for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains that are present on the browser and different to the one on which the requested page is. In other words , these cookies are set directly by the site managers, web browsers or providers other than the managers of this site. In these circumstances, Rifle & Co. Srl specifies that it has nothing to do with the functioning of these cookies, which is the responsibility of third parties. This was clarified by the Guarantor for the protection of data processing, through the adoption of a Provision on this subject, released 8 May 2014: “The obligation to inform the user on the use of cookies and to possibly obtain prior consent falls on the website manager who uses it, because they are the controller of the data processing. If a site consents to the transmission of  “third party” cookies, the circular and acquisition of consent are usually the onus of third party. It is necessary that the user is adequately informed , even in the simplified ways that are provided for by the law, in the moment  in which they access the site that consents to the memorisation of third party cookies, that is when they access the contents supplied by third parties and, anyway, before the cookies are downloaded on their terminal.”

Legal Basis

The legal basis for what cookies collect is the acquisition of consent by the person concerned -  by the site: the cookies in the ‘white list’ are necessary to correctly navigate the site. It is not necessary to have the user’s consent to use them and they cannot be disabled.

How long are cookies kept for?

The site keeps cookies for a maximum period of 12 months, when this time period is exceeded, the cookie management tool requires confirmation of consent. For the time periods that third parties keep cookies, please refer to the information that each provider gives in their own internet page. Further information on the processing of your personal data collected through this site is available in our circular on the processing of personal data.

Updates and changes

The Controller of processing personal data, reserves the right to periodically change, integrate or update this circular with respect to the applicable laws, current rules  and the provisions of the Guarantor for the protection of processing personal data. The aforementioned changes and integrations will be made known to those concerned. We invite all users to regularly read the Privacy Policy, to check if the circular has been updated and to decide whether to continue or not utilising the services that are offered.